Subaru Makes A Special Edition WRX That Will Anger Fanbois In More Ways Than One

Subaru WRX owners are probably one of the most devout groups of automotive enthusiasts out there in the world. If the commercials haven’t hammered the point home about how Subaru owners in general have the highest brand loyalty, Subaru WRX owners will readily tell you to your face how their Rex has been modified and will mostly do so in strange phrases and monikers like offsets, EJ, STi, DGM, ISM, and WRB.

Most of these guys have graduated from ricing out Civics and have earned a little bit more money in life, just enough to afford higher monthly car payments and some tuning money. All of them have been diagnosed with a really bad case of the modding bug. And at their core lies a highly primitive gearhead destined for a lifetime’s worth of greasy hands, busted knuckles, and ruining many social gatherings with brutal car talk. They may lurk within the stance scene surrounded by VW GTIs, or they may thrive in a more natural setting like dirt rallies. The fanboi is strong within them.

So when Subaru releases another special edition version of their highly respected WRX, it usually marks another period in time where the American fanbois get to sigh and wish they lived in Japan. The new WRX S4 tS is the latest offender, which upgrades the WRX S4 that came out in Japan back in 2015.

Here are the many ways the S4 tS will upset these auto brutes:

Only In Japan

That’s a phrase WRX fans have become so accustomed to for a very long time. The S4 tS is no different. Just like the S202, S203, S204, S205, S206, and wait for it… wait for it… S207 before it, the tS upgrades the existing WRX S4, which already has a significant set of upgrades like a healthy 296 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque from the 2.0 liter turbo engine.subaru-s4-ts-3 subaru-s4-ts-1

Not quite in STI power territory, the S4 tS incorporates suspension upgrades found in the S207

Handling is enhanced by the addition of original STI components including a flexible tower bar, DampMatic® II front suspension with adjustable damping, and front-rear Active Torque Vectoring, all of which combine to achieve a strong yet flexible ride and sharp cornering. Braking performance has also been enhanced with Brembo opposed-piston 4-pot brakes in front.

It has a CVT

It’s probably the most hated transmission in existence. It’s as desirable a feature as that flower pot in the old Volkswagen Beetles. The WRX S4 only came equipped with the Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), similar to the other VA series WRX’s and its FA engines. The S4 tS is no different, which is a shame as a normal manual transmission would be perfect for knocking on the STI’s door.

It is $50,000

The beauty of the WRX is its power to affordability density. Turbo power, all-wheel-drive, wonderful aftermarket support, and lower cost are the awesome reasons why the WRX is amazing. The WRX S4 tS limited quantities, upgraded suspension, and giant forged rims have driven up the cost to nearly $50,000, and up to $52,000 for the Nürburgring 24-hour race, NBR Challenge Package. But just like the special editions before it, this is par for the course.subaru-s4-ts-nbr-2 subaru-s4-ts-nbr-1 subaru-s4-ts-nbr-3 subaru-s4-ts-nbr-wing

So what do you think of the latest special edition from Subaru? If you’re upset about this, we have a feeling you’ll quickly forget once the new 2018 WRX comes out… whenever that might be. Until that time, here’s the list of the specifications from Subaru that you can drool over:

WRX S4 tS Main Features

■Suspension / Mechanism
・Exclusive performance muffler with lowered back pressure (featuring STI logo) teamed with exclusive rear exhaust pipe
・STI-designed low-pressure-drop air cleaner element
・CVT oil cooler and strengthened radiator fan
・Exclusive STI-tuned Bilstein front struts (DampMatic® II, inverted-type) and coil springs
・Exclusive STI-tuned Bilstein rear dampers and coil springs
・Exclusive 255/35R19 92Y tires (Dunlop Sport Maxx RT)
・STI-designed Brembo front 17-inch opposed-piston 4-pot ventilated brake calipers (with STI logo)
・STI-designed flexible tower bar, front
・STI-designed flexible draw stiffener, front
・STI-designed pillow ball bush rear suspension link (front and rear lateral links inside)
・STI-designed flexible support subframe, rear

■ Exterior
・STI-designed BBS 19-inch x 8 1/2J forged aluminum wheels (silver)
・Exclusive mesh-type front grille (cherry-red stripe with STI ornament)
・Exclusive large front under-spoiler
・Black roof antenna (shark fin type)
・Black side garnish with STI emblem
・Exclusive rear bumper (cherry-red stripe)

■ Interior
・Exclusive luminescent instruments (with multi-information display and STI logo)
・Exclusive leather-wrapped steering wheel (highly tactile leather, chrome bezel, metallic finisher, silver stitching)
・STI-designed leather-wrapped shift knob (with STI logo)
・STI-designed push-type engine switch (red with STI logo)
・Exclusive STI-spec Recaro front bucket seats (leather [black semi-aniline finish on inside of main and side panels, silver stitching and accents] embossed with STI logo and equipped with seat heating and supplemental restraint system side airbags)
・Rear seats: black leather with silver stitching and accents
・Exclusive instrument panel (red with tS LIMITED EDITION logo)
・Exclusive side sill plates (with STI logo)

■ NBR Challenge Package: Exclusive Equipment
・STI-designed BBS 19-inch × 8 1/2J forged aluminum wheels (black)
・Exclusive dry carbon rear spoiler (with STI logo)
・Exclusive emblem (rear)
・Exclusive Ultrasuede-wrapped steering wheel (with silver center marking)subaru-s4-ts-interior

WRX S4 tS Major Specifications

Model name/type WRX S4 tS / DBA-VAG
Overall length/width/height (mm) 4,635 × 1,795 × 1,475
Tire tread F/R (mm) 1,535/1,550
Min. ground clearance (mm) 135
Dry weight (kg) [reference figure] 1,550
Gross weight (kg) [reference figure] 1,825
Type/category FA20 horizontally-opposed 4-cylinder (Boxer)
2.0-liter DOHC 16-valve dual AVCS
direct injection turbo “DIT” engine
Max. output (net) [kW (PS) / rpm] 221 (300) / 5,600
Max. torque (net) [Nm (kgm) / rpm] 400 (40.8) / 2,000–4,800
Fuel tank capacity (liter) 60
Fuel type Unleaded premium gasoline


Recommended Retail Prices

Model Price (yen)
Model name Grade Engine Drive Transmission Including consumption tax Excluding consumption tax
WRX S4 tS Standard-issue model 2.0 liter
4-cylinder, DOHC
Direct injection turtbo
“DIT” engine
AWD Sport
4,968,000 4,600,000
NBR Challenge Package 5,292,000 4,900,000

(Source: Subaru)


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