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The Amount Of Money Nico Rosberg Is Set To Lose Because Of His Retirement Is Staggering

As Nico Rosberg went up to accept his award at the Formula 1 awards banquet, what do you think was going through his mind? He had just announced his shocking retirement mere hours earlier. He walked up to the stage, thanked everyone he needed to, and departed, walking away from the stage and the sport after only one, controversial championship. Maybe he was at peace. He sure seemed that way.

You know what was going through my mind or what I would have been thinking about? How much money he is set to not make because of this retirement. Apparently, Nico was set to make $22.6 million PER YEAR with his next Mercedes contract. That is hard to fathom.

Had Rosberg raced on, and stuck with the terms of the two-year, $22.6 million per annum contract he had agreed with Mercedes during the summer, he would have been in a strong position to capitalise on his championship success, working with two or three carefully selected high-end brands – top-tier Swiss watches, designer fragrances, and so on.

Instead, Nico walks away having a net worth of $30 million according to Car Keys as of this past August. If he would have stayed on, he would have nearly tripled his net worth from annual salary and potential endorsements. Nico is leaving behind a fortune.

In his retirement speech, Rosberg emphasised that his motivation for leaving the sport was to spend more time as a husband and father, putting in the bathtimes, bedtime stories, and family holidays that are all too rare when one’s job demands a life spent on the road.

High-profile it isn’t, however, and it is a decision that means Rosberg is unlikely to now receive a heap of sponsorship offers.

In a related story, I’m very pleased to announce that I will throw my hat into the ring for the Merc seat at just 1/4 of Nico’s salary. What a deal, am I right?

(Source: Motor 1)


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