What’s It Like To Buy The McLaren Of Your Dreams?

What’s it like to buy your dream car? I know I’m still saving up, but what’s it like when you finally pull the trigger? Well, Sam from the YouTube channel Seen Through Glass shows us exactly how it feels. His “My Next Car” video series highlighted his search for the supercar of his dreams, and today that dream has become a reality. Sam is now the proud owner of a McLaren 540C.

The 540C is a detuned version of the 570S and represents the most affordable way to enter the brand. Buying the cheapest McLaren is not the same as buying a stripped out Honda Civic. The 540C is a very compelling package and offers more than enough performance. The exterior of the 540C is impossible to distinguish from its more powerful brother. They both use the same carbon fiber tub, interior trim, and 3.8 Liter Twin Turbo V8. The real difference is how these engines are tuned. The V8 in the 570S delivers 562hp while the detuned version in the 540C produces 533hp. This decrease in horsepower may adversely effect performance but, the 540C can still reach 60 in only 3.5 seconds. Besides the power decrease, the 540C has a softer more daily driver friendly suspension setup to make this car easier to live with.

The biggest difference lies in the starting price. In the United Kingdom where Sam lives, the 570S starts at £143,250 while the 540C is only £126,000. For £20,000 you’re not missing out on much. You still get a supercar with a carbon tub, ludicrous performance, and a respectable brand name. The 540C is a far cry from the compromised cars we associate with the term “base model.” The 540C is a performance bargain I wish we got in the United Sates but for now, we get to watch Sam live out his dream and inspire me to save more money. Congratulations Sam! We cannot wait to see what you do with your dream car!


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