Trash Talking Lamborghini Owner Got Hustled Big Time. Fight Breaks Out After The Race

When you are ready to put down big bets on a drag race, you better know what you’re up against. In the case of this Lamborghini Huracan owner, overconfidence and a dash of gullibility was good enough for him to size up his opponent. He wagered $4,500 AUD (about $3,400) that he can beat a R32 Skyline down the drag strip, after hearing that it only made 500 horsepower. The reality is that the highly modified R32 has over 800 wheel horsepower.

The arrogant trash talking Lambo driver had a completely stock Huracan, which pushes over 600 horsepower. Obviously, this was a hustle perfectly executed by the seemingly modest and quiet Skyline driver. See the entire video below:

How does someone capable of owning a Lamborghini Huracan be this gullible? Perhaps $4,500 AUD is loose change for him that it didn’t matter the outcome, he just wanted another pissing contest venue to show how awesome it was.

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We’re not a big fan of the Skyline driver lying about his horsepower ratings, but that’s just the nature of this game. The douchebag Lamborghini driver should have known that the Skyline R32 was more than capable of doubling the output of a naturally aspirated V10. Regardless, seeing him start a fight afterward was not a surprise, given his lack of class from the beginning.

Let this video, whether it’s fake or not, be a lesson to those who think they can roll up to a drag race in a fancy exotic car and beat everybody. Let’s hope this Lambo driver just sticks to bracket racing from now on.

(Source: YouTube)


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