800 HP Rat Rod With Duct Tape Doesn’t Give A F***. Does Burnouts Like A Badass

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That’s why Rat Rods like this exists. They’re built to be driven and not to be shown. Though the unrecognizable 1959 El Camino has been transformed so drastically, it might as well be totally for show.

It doesn’t have the fancy paint job of traditional hot rods, nor does it have a complete set of body panels. Hell, even the swinging T-top door has been duct-taped shut! But look past the ugly duckling, Frankensteined, El Camino body and you’ll find a monstrous 800 horsepower engine. The massive blown engine, fairly short wheelbase, and possibly a 99:1 weight distribution between the front and rear axles means this thing smokes rubber very easily. And it looks happy doing it.

The blown rat rod 1959 El Camino called, Hulk Camino, has been developed by a shop called ITW (In The Weeds) Hot Rods. And according to the description, it has “A 671 BDS blower, Dart block, Dana 60, Holly 750 4bbl carbs.” ITW, do us all a favor and make more of these please!

(Source: YouTube)


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