Classic Mustang Loaded Into Trailer Still Tries To Hurt People

In what could be the very definition of epic fail, a 1965 Ford Mustang failing to get inside a trailer might just take the cake. The crisp and clean, all black, with an even blacker dual racing stripes and red accents, classic Mustang looks quite amazing as it’s ready to be shipped elsewhere. The owner must have babied and cherished this pony car as they went through the trouble of using a covered trailer to move it around.

It’s unknown whether the driver was the owner, an employee of the shipping company, or just some dude. But the fact that he was wearing a high visibility vest at the time meant that he was doing some SERIOUS business. Unfortunately, the driver’s safety conscious habits did not translate to having the ability of loading a car onto a trailer. As the rear wheels engaged the trailer ramps, which looked like a dull cheese grater covered in oil, a Mustang owner’s worst nightmare came to life: The Mustang becoming sentient and suddenly having the urge to hurt people.

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There’s not much information on how this happened. But I’m venturing a guess that this was the perfect storm of trailer loading nightmares. Perhaps there was more than the normal amount of Tire Shine on those tires, making it extremely slippery. While there might have been a bit more sludge on those ramps. Regardless, it looked like the driver might have slipped the clutch a little too early for the rear to break traction. The owner must be livid about this and we just hope that the damage isn’t too severe.

(H/T: Jalopnik)


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