2,500 Horsepower GT-R Sounds Exactly Like Godzilla On The Dyno

Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) is currently on their quest to get in the six (6!!!) second quarter mile time. They’re already the guys behind the world’s quickest and fastest Nissan GT-R, registering a quarter mile time of 7.01 seconds at 214 mph. Now we get to see their latest GT-R strapped (with 12 straps) on a dyno, ripping through third, fourth, and fifth.

The GT-R looks beastly as it tries to escape the dyno. Judging from the sounds and the flames, the 2,500 horsepower Godzilla has more than what it takes to set a new world record. To put things into perspective, the ETS GT-R has more than quadruple the amount of power of a stock GT-R. Let’s hope these guys can send all those Japanese horses to the ground.

(Source: Extreme Turbo Systems)


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