Thieves Broke Into Ford Focus ST Using Electronic Device

If you thought your car and your belongings are safe from the hands of thieves, think again. With the advent of electronic key fobs and keyless entries more than decades ago, the methods of breaking into cars have changed from ‘jimmying a lock’ to an electronic version of it. Considering that you have 128 bit encryption for banking and Captchas to prove you’re human, it’s unnerving that thieves can still get into your car by sniffing out the locking code from your key fob, or using some sort of universal key.

The latest example of grand theft from an automobile was shared by a Redditor, where his surveillance cam caught the entire crime. The thieves rolled up in a 2000 era Toyota Corolla and targeted this 2016 Ford Focus ST. The team of scumbags made quick work of their looting. Once they realized their tool was able to unlock the Focus ST, both of them managed to take a dashcam, sunglasses, an action cam, some chargers, and even the owners manual.

It’s uncertain whether the owner of the Focus ST was targeted, as in the thieves waited nearby to intercept the locking command, or some other fashion. The former method would require using a device that will listen for a remote code when the victim locks their car. The thieves would simply come back at a later time to replay the code. Seems like the best defense for these situations are to be vigilant of your surroundings and to not keep anything valuable in your car.

(Source: Youtube)


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