Dickhead Who Caused Insane Motorcycle Accident Gets Massive And Deserved Justice

Last year the video below circulated all over the internet and it was a pretty cut and dry case. The motorcycles were passing people on a double yellow line and one motorist saw it happening and decided to enact from street justice to make sure these motorcyclists never did it again. Even if the cyclists were passing on a double yellow, what this driver did was unacceptable and could have ended much worst than it did.

Take a look.

After the fact, the recording continued and you can hear the driver say “I don’t care” about intentionally wrecking the bikers. The driver, William Crum, 69, was arrested Oct. 19, 2015 because of this and has been sitting in jail ever since. Now, according to Jalopnik, the piece of shit will rot in prison for 15 years.

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Crum, who has reportedly been in police custody for the year-and-a-half since his arrest, will now serve 15 years prison time for “two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”

The Star-Telegram also figured out that Crum had previously been “convicted in 1994 in Somervell County of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and in 2007 in Somervell County of reckless driving and making a terroristic threat,” the latter of which apparently was related to threatening to run little boys over with his car.

Thankfully this moron and danger to others is off the roads and off the street for good. Hope he never makes it out of prison. Don’t do this folks. Ever.

(Source: Jalopnik)


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