Aston Martin turns the performance up to 11 with the new DBX707

Aston Martin has assured the release of a faster version of their DBX for some time now, and teased us a bit more over the past couple of weeks via posts from the Aston Martin Lagonda Instagram account. The wait is over. Let me introduce you to the long awaited DBX707, the fastest SUV on the market.

The DBX707 isn’t any ordinary performance SUV either — its performance has been taken to the next level with the help of a 697-horsepower (707 metric HP, hence its name), Mercedes-AMG sourced, twin-turbo V8. As it’s aided by a faster, nine-speed, dual clutch gearbox and 663 lbs/ft of torque, the DBX707 aims to translate its 3.1 0-60 and performance claims into a Nürburgring lap record.

Horsepower and torque aren’t everything. The DBX707 gets massive carbon ceramic brakes: 16.5 inch rotors in the front and 15.4 inch discs in the rear to be exact. The 22-inch wheels and Pirelli tires are sure to help it achieve a lighting fast time on the famed Green Hell.

The DBX707 has even more changes under the hood. It has gotten numerous new styling cues, including a larger grille, rear diffuser, roof-mounted spoiler, and black trim instead of chrome.

Inside, sport seats are standard with comfort seats being free of charge. Hands free performance-related controls are added, meaning the driver doesn’t have to navigate the infotainment to switch the suspension or driving assist controls when carving corners (or just taking a trip to the grocery store). The previous-generation Mercedes infotainment hasn’t changed, although an Aston Martin made system is promised for the future.

The DBX707 has a sticker price of $235,086, $50,000 more than the standard DBX. Production will start in Q1 of 2022.


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