The Lexus LC500 Is A Budget LFA

The Japanese Unicorn

When it comes to rare cars, the Lexus LFA is one of the most elusive super cars to grace the streets of the world. With a production run of just 500 vehicles, you can expect to see an LFA as often as there are solar eclipses. Unless you live in an area with multi-millionaire car enthusiasts, the likelihood of making visual contact with an LFA is slim to none.

For the lucky few that have witnessed the LFA in the wild, you can agree that it has an auditory presence like no other. The Yamaha tuned exhaust can destroy a champagne glass and send chills down the spine of any onlooker. Of course with a selling price of $330,000 USD, the purchase barrier is a high watermark for the majority of the enthusiast population.

LFA design for the Masses

Seven years later, trickle down aesthetics has finally reached a price point more attainable for the common man. Take a moment to view the similarities between the LFA and LC500, and there’s no denying that they repackaged the super car into a grand tourer. The LFA and LC500 share more similarities than their proportions. The side air intakes are in the same place, the sweet bezel for the tachometer found in the LFA is also in the LC500, and the interior ergonomics are nearly identical.

With a starting price of $92,000, the LC500 is not your affordable Camry. The LC500 falls into the domain of Porsche 911, but we can all agree how trite it is to see another 911 on the street. To anyone thinking of purchasing another Porsche, please do us all a favor and buy the Lexus LC500 instead. Not only will you be original among the sea of 911 owners, you will be gracing onlookers with the aura of the super rare LFA.

LC500 Photo Credit: Gregg Lanez
LFA Photo Credit: Wikipedia


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