How A Spec Mirage Racing Series Can Save Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi knows what it is. They’ve come to terms with their oppressively boring line up and don’t mind selling crossovers and dated compacts. It’s like they’ve tried to take all the fun out of the brand on purpose, killing off all their fun cars except for one. Today the Mirage is Mitsubishi’s most exciting car.

Mitsubishi’s current line up caters to an audience that doesn’t care for driving pleasure. Mitsubishi’s customers focus more on the cost associated with car ownership. The budget-conscious brand created the Mirage to cater to their customers who really really don’t want to spend money on a car. A new Mirage starts at $12,995 with a 10-year 100,000-mile warrantee.

This pint size hatchback is the perfect candidate for a spec racing series. It’s cheap, fun to drive, and the perfect first race car. With only 78 horsepower coming from its 1.2-liter 3-cylinder engine don’t expect lightening fast laps. This car is all about learning fundamentals in an easy to drive car. The low barrier to entry for racing series like this is something we can all get excited about.

The Mirage is as simple as it gets. No fancy multilink rear suspension or turbocharged engine. Instead, you get a torsion beam rear axle and an N/A 3-cylinder mated to 5-speed manual. With a curb weight of only 2,018lbs imagine these featherweight hatches battling it out on track. The low cost and risk associated with this racing series make it appealing for people like you and me who lack sponsors or true driving skill.

Imagine the tiny sticks and mini-battles on track. With a car this disposable it only makes sense to race it. Used Mirages are around $5,000 for cars in good condition. Strip the interior, throw in a roll cage, revise the suspension and you have yourself a very cheap race car. Now it’s time for Mitsubishi to continue it’s racing heritage and inject some fun into its lineup. Nothing can bring a brand back into the hearts of enthusiasts like racing series they can afford to join.


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