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Nissan Is Going To Breathe New Life To The R32 GT-R

This ought to be wonderful news to Nissan and Skyline GT-R fans everywhere. The Skyline GT-R R32 (BNR32) that was first produced in 1989 has entered classic car status for a few years at this point. Given the sporting nature of these incredible lightweight cars, the likelihood of enthusiasts finding one in good shape is either a pipe dream or an absurd financial goal. That’s is about to change as Nissan, NISMO CARS Division to be specific, will be breathing new life into these aged R32 GT-Rs, like the one seen in this video below:

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According to SOCOM.Yokohama, a Japanese blog, they ran across a video uploaded by a Nissan affiliated YouTube channel. At the 14:30 mark the presentation talks about the new program designed to sustain existing R32 GT-R. The excerpt below is a translated version of what can be found in the SOCOM.Yokohama website, so please excuse the translation errors:

Nissan established the NISMO CARS Division (NISMO CARS Division) within Nissan’s affiliated company Autech Japan to expand NISMO road car global. Although the outline announcement was carried out at the NISMO head office earlier, in the announcement, “R32 GT – R launching reproductive parts reproductive and supply system” was officially announced.

This project is named “Heritage · Parts Program” and it is the contents to reproduce the production obsolete parts. In the autumn of 2017 it is said that sales will be concretely scheduled.

It seems that we will start with “Nissan R32 Skyline GT – R (BNR 32)” and establish the parts supply system of the old car (GT – R?) Successively.

What this means is that we can expect fresh R32 parts, based on the original specifications or perhaps better, to be churned out by Nissan and made available for the right price. In the near future we should expect many restorative projects that will bring the the glorious R32 back into its glory days. Enthusiasts will be able to experience the Skyline as it was meant to be driven, and potentially at a more attainable price now that parts will become available starting in Fall 2017.

What’s even more exciting is that the possibility for this to expand to the other GT-R platforms is very real. If you’re a Skyline fan, you should start monitoring your credit score and saving up!

(Source: SOCOM.Yokohama)


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