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Re-thinking about Polestar 2’s Super Bowl LVI commercial

So previously I criticized Polestar’s “No Compromise” commercial for being too simplistic, to the point of being bland and bleak. But after a day and seeing the reactions, my thoughts started to drastically change.

My faults

Instead of seeing the commercial ‘as is’, I inserted my personal views and beliefs about Polestar and the 2, which made me give it a foul review.

I have seen Polestar 2 multiple times, both online and offline, so I’m already quite used to the car. I’m not sure if Polestar can be actually different from other car companies and won’t involve themselves in fusses and scandals. And then there’s that I don’t like being blunt and causing conflicts.

But all of these are my personal things, and I should’ve seen the commercial from the perspective of the viewers. I had to think about where, at what occasion, and to whom it was shown.

The Reason

This commercial was aired during the Super Bowl – an event happening in the United States and so the target audience is the viewers living in the U.S. It hasn’t been long since the arrival of Polestar in America, and so it is yet to be widely known for the Americans. So Polestar used advertising and created a commercial.

The Moment

Like any commercial – and especially as an introduction, they sought for the greatest first impression, so they added in the words that very shortly and sharply discuss the recent hot issues – dieselgate, the man who ‘plans to conquer mars, and the prevalent greenwashing. And then Polestar took a step further – air a commercial at one of the most expensive spots.

Polestar tried to make them stand out the most by airing such a simplistic commercial – only showing the exterior of the car, no narration at all, subtle music – during the time and place of ‘blockbuster commercials (intense and comedic action scenes, celebrities, large-scale dances…)’. While there was a risk of being seen as an insipid commercial, it worked out: the audience’s attention was grabbed by the outstanding simplicity, and then by the acute phrases.

Possible Effect

Now Twitter, news sites, and YouTube comment section are filled with debates. It might seem bad, but as for the first impression, I would say it worked effectively. If Polestar turns this heat into positive reactions with the actual product, I believe Polestar can successfully take a place in the American auto market.

Still, Polestar has to take the risk of ending up just strengthening Tesla, as Tesla is currently seen as ‘the guru’ and there are some who are seeing this Polestar commercial as an inconsiderate provocation. Polestar can’t prove that they will never do greenwashing and have dirty secrets, hidden agendas, or ‘blah blah blah’s, and be different from any other car brands. Polestar’s sales number and brand reputation in America will make this commercial either a success or a scar.


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