Is The C30 Currently The Best Car In The Shifting Lanes Fleet?

We all know Gregson loves his V70R and there is much to love about that car. Fast wagons are cool, there is absolutely no denying that one simple fact. However, while super cool there is a lot wrong with Gregson’s V70R. On the flip side the C30 is running like a champ (words I may regret typing). She’s smaller, lighter, and has fewer things wrong with her than the V70R. By any logical metric that would make her the better car. We live in a world where automotive enthusiasts don’t always subscribe to logic and reason. We often fall prey to our baser, more emotional opinions. Question remains, right now as they sit, is the C30 better than the V70R?

Please note we did not forget the S60R, however, it still needs a lot of love to get in the big leagues.


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