The Volvo S60R Gets A Huge Racecar Upgrade And Loses 35 Pounds

New lightweight wheels and grippy tires are here!!!

Wheels and tires are the best upgrades you can make to a car. For our autocrossing adventures, we might have picked the best wheel and tire combination for our money.

The Konig Rennform in 17”x8” size dials in at 17 lbs each, while the Bridgestone RE71-R serves as one of the best autocross tires currently available. This set of lightweight flowformed wheels and grippy tires should give the S60R the proper legs to compete with other sports at dodging cones.

Luckily, everything fits and clears the mighty Brembo brakes on the S60R, requiring no spacers. Could this be the best fitment available for the S60R?


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