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Brutal Formula 3 Crash

You can thank the advances in safety features in motorsport cars for saving the lives involved in this gruesome crash. The crash occurred during a Formula 3 race at the Red Bull Ring in Austria. Ryan Tveter, an American racing driver in the FIA F3 European Championship, had spun out into the dirt and eventually recovered back into the track. However, a lot of dust had been kicked up from the spin out resulting in a smoke screen. Teammate Peter Li Zhi Cong drove at full speed through the smoke screen and struck Tveter’s car. The resulting crash is horrifying to say the least. Fortunately, it seems the drivers are all ok barring broken bones. Ryan Tveter responded via Facebook:

For those who may or may not have seen, I was involved in a very heavy accident in Race 1 today at the Red Bull Ring. Released from the hospital earlier with a very badly bruised knee, but all ok. All of my thoughts are with my teammate Peter Li Zhi Cong who is currently in hospital recovering and being treated for several broken bones. Very lucky that all of us involved are ok. Cannot express more gratitude to the FIA, Dallara, FIA F3, and all those involved in pushing safety forward in racing. Because of them we’re still here.

Check out the clip below:

(Source: Youtube)


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