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Crane At Monaco Heritage Race Drops Priceless McLaren F1 Car.

And let the finger pointing begin.

The days leading up to the F1 Monaco Grand Prix are always full of excitement and fun events and activities to attend. There are parties all over the place (it is Monaco after all), car shows, gambling to be done, drinks to be imbibed. Whatever. You get the picture. But one of the main attractions is the heritage race that features many F1 cars from the 70s and 80s.

During this year’s race though, there was a severely unfortunate mishap with a crane and an invaluable McLaren. I nearly cried man tears after watching this happen.

Whose fault is that? Who knows. Could be the crane operator, could be the course worker who attached the car to the crane, one could even blame the manufacturer of the harness that was holding the car. No one seems to really be at fault here though I’m sure someone will be blamed.

And after that, more carnage as the car were released early and didn’t know the McLaren had inadvertently dropped on the track, causing a back up and subsequent red flag. In the back up, two cars got together adding to the cringe worthy moment. Ugh. All that history down the tubes. Hope these cars can get fixed up and back on track soon.

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