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Watch This F1 Team Set The World Record For The Fastest Pit Stop In History

It’s getting scary how absolutely ridiculous Williams F1 is getting at their pit stops.

During this past weekend’s European Grand Prix (which wasn’t in Europe, by the way) in Azerbaijan Williams F1 executed a pit stop that needs to be seen to be believed. On this particular stop, they did not take any fuel, but did manage to change all 4 tires in a scarcely believable 1.92 seconds. Which is a world record. Here’s the stop. Don’t blink, you’ll miss it.

That’s Felipe Massa and his crew. If I was Massa, I would have been confused as to what to do. “Oh. You’re Done? Wow. Should I go now? Okay cool.” That would have been my reaction. I mean that’s absolute perfection and almost stupefying. They should take up synchronized dance.

Apparently a sub 2 second pit stop has happened only a handful of times before with both Ferrari and Red Bull claiming 1.95 and 1.923 seconds respectively. This was clocked at a confirmed 1.92 making it the fastest pit stop in history.


(Source: YouTube)


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