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VIDEO: F1 Has Become MUCH Slower

If you’d assume that Formula 1 would be getting faster with all the technology upgrades and turbos and crazy downforce winglets, you wouldn’t be alone. Other than the hardcore fans, Formula 1 is known to the casual fan to be the pinnacle of speed and engineering when it comes to racing series. Yes the WEC is also up there, but ever since it’s inception, every 5 year old who wants to be a race car driver wants to be in F1.

So with all the technology and skill and precision and aerodynamic prowess, every year they should be getting faster right? Sorry, you’re wrong. As evidenced in the video below you’ll see two laps from two separate eras in Formula 1. On the left side you will see Juan Pablo Montoya in a 2004 example while qualifying for the Italian GP at Monza. On the right, on the same track, you’ll see Lewis Hamilton qualifying in 2015.

Is Lewis faster?

Nope. Okay yes, there is more aero, less power, and less grip, but honestly it lies within the governing body to remedy this. Montoya ran a 1:19 and Hamilton ran a 1:24. 5 seconds in F1 terms is basically an entire weekend.

This is just more fuel to the fire that F1 has become stale and boring. With the sale of F1 completed, maybe the new regime can inject some much needed excitement back into the world’s highest tier of racing.

(Source: YouTube)


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