This Is The Pass Of The Year

You know, so many passes happen in motorsports every year and in every type of racing that it’s very difficult to pin point the best of the best every year. This year might be a bit easier because this is easily the most ridiculous past this year, and possibly that I’ve ever seen.

At the Germany round of the Workd Rallycross Championship, Kevin Erikkson was on the outside of the first turn, with no hole shot, 5 cars to his inside. Recipe for failure right? Not even a little bit correct. This pass just needs to be seen to be believed.

Ummmmmmm holy crap. He passed them all!? Yes he did. But it gets better. There’s an onboard camera on this one.

Yea, that’s my pass of the year. Agree? Let me hear it.

(Source: YouTube)

h/t to Jalopnik


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