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What Bernie Ecclestone Said About Nico Rosberg’s Retirement Proves What An A****le He Truly Is

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Look, I’m not a massive fan of Nico Rosberg the driver nor am I a fan of his early retirement decision. To frame that up, I’m also not a massive fan of Lewis Hamilton the driver nor am I a fan of his off the track antics. I like good racing. Period. So when I say what Bernie Ecclestone said about Nico and his retirement was absolutely uncalled for, you can bank that it was a truly dick move.

After Nico’s retirement there was a bit of a divided state of Formula 1. Many thought his retirement was fine and offered to take the vacant seat at AMG, while others thought that it was way too early (coughNikiLaudacough). Either way, it was his decision and no matter what we thought, it’s ultimately Nico’s decision and he seems to be giving zero fucks what we think. As he should. He’s the champion and will do as he wants.

So everyone except the head of F1, Bernie Ecclestone, has chimed in yet. Oh no, wait, he just did. And in true Bernie fashion, it was as douchbag a response as you could ever imagine.

Speaking to Press Trust of India, Ecclestone said that he would not place Rosberg in the same realm as many of his peers who have won multiple titles, including Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso.

“Let’s just say he is a world champion. The other names that you mentioned have obviously won more than a few times and have achieved more,” Ecclestone said.

“So I would just call Nico a world champion and nothing else.”

Yup. Typical Bernie. He’s a world champion you asshole. Show some respect. He’s also much MUCH more than just a world champion. To quit what you’ve done since you were a child to be a better husband, father, and man to your family is way more than being just a world champion. Bernie wasn’t done though. He of course had to bring the future of F1 into all this.

Ecclestone did concede that not having the defending World Champion on the F1 grid in 2017 would not help the sport, a situation that has not arisen since 1994 following Alain Prost’s final title win.

“[He’s] not as popular as Lewis but Nico was a very popular driver,” Ecclestone said.

“So his absence is certainly not good for Formula 1.”

Well of course it won’t help. The Hamilton/Rosberg, inter-team rivalry was the best thing that happened to F1 in a decade. And now it’s gone. But let’s not heap any praise. Nah let’s talk about how F1 is going to suffer.

Ecclestone is really what is wrong with F1 these days. He needs to resign. Like yesterday.

(Source: NBC Sports)


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