World Rally Driver Gets Lost And Ends Up In A Car Park. Still Wins Anyway Like A Boss.

Rally drivers are a special breed of crazy. Doing 100+ MPH on dirt, tarmac, and snow all throughout the world may sound amazing, but it’s insanely nerve racking.

If you’re unfamiliar with rallying, just watch this one video and you’ll know what it’s all about.

But that’s not the reason we are here today. That was just to ground you in the true insanity that is the World Rally Championship (WRC). Rally Mexico leader Kris Meeke was in the lead by a good margin. 40+ seconds to be exact. Good enough to claim the victory should nothing catastrophic go awry. But, since this is Rally, of COURSE something went awry.

Watch as his car flies off course after a bad turn exit. Fortunately it was on to another patch of dirt. Bad news is that it was a car park and he got lost.

You can see just how tense the moment was with the whole crew gasping and saying “OHHHHH!” But the good news here is that Meeke, despite his somewhat hilarious shunt, managed to recover and actually win the Rally by 13.8 seconds over Sebastien Ogier.

Oh rally. You never cease to amaze.

h/t: Car Throttle


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