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Ferrari teases first Le Mans hypercar in nearly 50 years

Ferrari has been quite stingy when it comes to publicizing images of its latest LMH competitor. A dark teaser image is all we’ve seen of their newest Hypercar and that comes more than a year after the Italian marque announced its return to FIA WEC’s highest class, and exactly 49 years after Ferrari last crossed the finish line at Le Mans in 1973.

“We chose to come back into LMH because when Ferrari races it needs to make the whole car,” Ferrari’s head of competizioni GT and the Hypercar project Antonella Coletta told Top Gear. “We decided on the category because this way we make the chassis, the combustion engine, the electric power, the gearbox — everything…Our dream is to win. If the target is not to win then it would be stupid to put the car on the track.”

The teaser image reveals nothing more than lighting strips, a colossal front splitter, and a gleaming Prancing Horse logo. No other information accompanied the photo, however we do know the Hypercar will utilize a hybrid powertrain and an all-wheel-drive setup.

Our first look at Ferrari’s Hypercar comes as various other automakers — including Porsche, Cadillac, BMW, and even Lamborghini — begin to develop vehicles for next year’s Le Mans.

Ferrari plans to begin the first of a series of tests in the weeks to come to be prepared for the 2023 FIA WEC, and its first Le Mans in exactly 50 years.


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