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Guy Starts In Last Place At A Club Race. Where He Finished Is Beyond Belief.

I wish I could shake this guy’s hand. I guarantee after you watch this he’ll put every club racer you’ve ever met to shame.

There are videos out there of GT3 and upper tier GT racing driver passing 17 cars in a lap and while that’s hugely impressive, that’s nothing compared to this guy. Driver and YouTube channel Joseph Lenthall entered his RX7 in the 2016 IPRA Challenge at Bathurst. He started in 49th place. He finished WAY higher.


Watch and take notes. This is ridiculous.

If you weren’t counting, he finished 15th. 15th!!! I wish I had this kind of skill. Unbelievable. Our hats are off to you Mr. Lenthall. Well done.


(Source: YouTube)


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