Honda Civic Weaves In And Out Of Traffic. Take A Guess What Happens Next.

As you’ve probably guessed from the intro picture, if you could see it in the distance, this Civic and its driver go on quite the ride. And in no way do I mean that in a good sense.


YouTube channel “Viral Hit” uploaded this video with this description:

“Driving on NJ-17 when I noticed a Honda Civic revving aggressively in front of me. Upon entering the highway, the Civic changed lanes quickly and I thought that was a bad move since the left lanes always have the heaviest traffic. The Civic then tried to change lanes in too small a gap between two cars and flipped multiple times. I pulled over to check on the occupants and drivers – driver was not moving and passenger had ended up in the backseat but was moving. Called 911 and gave other two drivers my number in case they needed me as a witness.”

Being located in NJ ourselves, Route 17 is notorious for having some of the worst traffic in the state. This is due to many local highways merging onto 17 and 3-4 giant malls creating massive clusterfucks of the highest regard all over the highway. This type of driving is sadly becoming the norm not only around here, but all over the country. Watch below and see what it feels like to be on a typical NJ daily commute.

It’s sad we see this kind of stuff nearly every day. It can be avoided. Just slow down a bit, everyone. No updates on the driver at this time, but we’ll update this post if we hear anything further on their condition.

(Source: YouTube)



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