Dump Truck Drags Car For Miles With Driver Still Stuck Inside

Out of all the weird videos available on the internet, this is the one that will take the cake. Not much is known how this accident started but the aftermath has been caught on Facebook. The double trailer dump truck somehow snagged a Nissan Maxima on its left side. The truck’s driver probably took little notice of it as he continued dragging the car for miles. It’s uncertain whether the truck driver was under the influence or generally unfit to drive, as he failed to notice DRAGGING AN ENTIRE CAR. But in his defense, a little ol’ Maxima might just be a speck of dust in his blindspot, and the additional weight makes little difference given the tonnage he’s pulling.

Thankfully, the truck driver stopped, ending the Maxima driver’s ‘Oh Shit’ moment of the day. One thing is for sure, the Maxima probably won’t buff out.

(Source: Facebook)


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