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Photoshop Genius Creates Tesla Roadster Concept. Timelapse Shows How It’s Done

The first ever Tesla product was the Tesla Roadster. And if you needed more proof how fast time flies, the very first production model of that Roadster came out in 2008. It used the Lotus Elise underpinnings as a platform to show the world what the Tesla motif was: Electric cars don’t have to be slow and boring, it can be ridiculously fast and look very exciting.

Zoom into 2017, someone has taken the initiative to photoshop what the new Tesla Roadster would look like. Just like the original, it borrowed the underpinnings of another car. This time it’s the stunning looking Toyota FT-1 Concept, which is the basis of the upcoming Toyota Supra. The photoshop quality is top notch, but what’s more impressive is the process of making the entire thing as captured by the artist’s timelapse video. In this case, the process is even more impressive than the final product.

Clearly, Tesla has to make this roadster happen immediately! And it has to be built in this shape and size. Just like the Ford Bronco photoshop concept that has been circulating the internet since the dawn of time, anything the company produces has to meet the expectations already set by existing renderings. Anything less will be considered a massive failure. How about it, Tesla?

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(Source: Jan Peisert)


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