The Model S Exchanges A Mouth For A Bioweapon Defense Mode

The Tesla Motors’ Model S just had a facelift and it looks downright gorgeous. The new look follows in the footsteps of the Model X and the recently revealed Model 3, with a grille-less look.


The Model S doesn’t actually need a grille as it is a pure electric vehicle. Traditional cars with internal combustion engines require a means for engine cooling via a radiator, which typically reside just behind the front bumper necessitating a pass thru for air, a.k.a a grille. The original Model S had a faux grille, most likely to help it blend in with the rest of the crowd.


Now that electric vehicles are more generally accepted and is actually cool, Tesla has truly differentiated their cars by allowing its form to follow its function. The grille-less look actually makes the Model S much more sleek and aggressive looking, which more accurately reflects its truly insane capabilities, such as a 0-60 mph time of 2.8 seconds with the “Ludicrous Speed Upgrade,” and a 155 mph top speed.

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If you don’t find that crazy enough, you can equip your Model S with a “Bioweapon Defense Mode” option. In case you and your Tesla Model S are stuck in an action flick where there’s a terrorist on the loose with a biochemical weapon, you can switch on this ridiculous upgrade to completely seal you from the outside air. It basically:

Pressurizes the cabin with air pulled entirely through the HEPA air filtration system and both activated carbon air filters, providing maximum protection against hazardous external conditions.

(It’s the) First true HEPA air filtration system that is 100 times more effective than premium automotive filters, removing at least 99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria and other contaminants from cabin air.


This feature is another notch in Tesla’s impressive list of features, such as Autopilot, which allows the Model S to become a traffic lemming. Autopilot essentially mimics the cars around you so that it can navigate through stop and go, and highway traffic conditions, without much or any human input.

We have reviewed the Tesla Model S before and we were genuinely smitten. With the new grille-less look, the car gains an attractive design upgrade that will be ruined by states requiring a front license plate. This mid-cycle refresh, while only minor, is an added layer of polish to an already shiny beacon amongst a sea of oily and grimy gasoline and diesel cars.


Source: Tesla Motors


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