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Netflix Confirms Deal With New Top Gear. Will Show Head-To-Head Against Amazon And Clarkson.

The war for the top spot in automotive entertainment is officially ON. We have just received word that Netflix will show the new, Chris Evans led Top Gear head-to-head against the currelty unnamed car show with Clarkson, Hammond, and May on Amazon.


This is interesting news for a few reasons, but chiefly it shows that Netflix has confidence in the new show’s promise. With an already solid fan base, Top Gear is a worldwide brand that nearly every auto enthusiast, and some non-enthusiasts, know about. And with Nextflix already having an existing deal with TG, this makes sense. What’s interesting here is that we now have a stream off. Wow that sounds horrible, but we’re coining the term I guess. We’ll own that gross bit of industry slang.

Here’s what we know so far. From The Guardian.


Netflix has confirmed that it will show Chris Evans’s Top Gear internationally which will put it in direct competition with Jeremy Clarkson’s new motoring show on rival Amazon.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, said on Tuesday that the revamped BBC2 motoring show will be made available on the streaming service as it falls under the existing deal it has with the BBC.

“Theoretically it should follow the deal of the old format where Top Gear is still under the terms of the old deal,” said Sarandos.

“So in many parts of the world we already have it picked up and we’ll continue to talk to them about doing it as well. The show is very popular on Netflix as you can imagine. There’s a change in format but people definitely prefer the British Top Gear over the local Top Gear in almost every country in the world.”

Sarandos said Netflix, which has more than 75 million subscribers globally, is also “continuing talks” to make Top Gear available in as many of its international territories as possible.

This will make for some of the first ever ratings wars between streaming services. Who will come out on top? only time will tell, but let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!

(Source: The Guardian)


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