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Silly Sportbike Thought It Had A Chance

We’ve all seen the drag racing videos between the Tesla Model S versus whatever, and they almost always end with the pure electric vehicle toasting their internal combustion engine opponents. This video is no different, a 600cc bike goes head to head with an unknown Tesla Model S, and the biker gets burned no matter how hard he tries. But what’s so great about this video is the point of view of the camera, and how it gives you a real perspective of how truly fast the Tesla Model S can be in person.

Had the race been in a closed course and done over a longer distance, the motorcycle might have had a better chance, as it could have untapped all 10,000 RPMs from the inline four cylinder. We’ve driven the Tesla Model S in the past and can attest to how fast and immediate the electric motors can propel the full-size five-door sedan. That immediate acceleration and sensational rush can be seen in this video as all of the torque comes pouring out at low RPMs. We’re now curious how a Tesla Model S will fare against an all electric bike…

(Source: Youtube)


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