Model X Beats Supercar In A Drag Race, While Also Towing A Copy Of The Same Supercar

So, here’s the thing. We can bitch and moan and whine and throw a temper tantrum all we like, but there’s a fact of life in the automotive world that’s here to stay for good it seems. That fact is electric cars are here to stay.

While many old the old guard of gear-heads will continue to say that gas powered cars are all they’ll entertain to drive, they are missing a crucial point of the conversation which is that electric cars have an INSANE advantage off the line. Take the Tesla Model S for example. That car, in it’s top trim level of P90D with “ludicrous mode” enabled, can reach 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. Why? Because it has it’s full torque available to it instantly, even when at a standstill due to no engine that needs to wind up. Most gasoline cars don’t have peak torque until after they get going and into the 1500+ RPM range.

This gives electric cars on the whole a supreme advantage in a 1/4 drag race. And to demonstrate this point is Jason Cammisa from Motor Trend as he drag races an even slower Tesla against Alfa Romeo’s 4C, but it’s not just a head-to-head drag race. There’s a bit more to it.

I think this proves the ultimate point of power use off the line. Electric cars will always trounce gas cars. Personally, I’m still firmly in the gas car camp, but I love the electric applications that can be utilize to make cars faster and more efficient.

The future looks bright for electric cars and if they can put me from 0-60 in a sedan just as fast as a McLaren P1 could, then I’m all for it.

(Source: YouTube)


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