500 Horsepower From Hydrogen-Fuel

How does 503 horsepower and 0-62 mph in 3.4 seconds sound? How about a top speed of 184 miles per hour? And how about exhaust that you can actually drink, theoretically speaking. Well now you can enjoy all of the above with the Pininfarina designed H2 Speed Concept Car, a hydrogen fuel cell car equipped with electric motors housed in a carbon fiber shell. This car debut at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show.pininfarina-h2-speed-concept-1

[ads1]pininfarina-h2-speed-concept-2 The iconic Italian design firm worked with French green car builder GreenGT on the hydrogen fuel concept car. The framework of a hydrogen fuel cell car is similar to designs of most electric cars, however, instead of a larger battery bank found in cars like the Tesla Model S, it employs a hydrogen fuel tank that stores compressed gas. The compressed gas then passes through a fuel cell stack, creating a bond between the hydrogen and available oxygen, producing electricity. The byproduct of this reaction is water.


Without the need to recharge a large battery, refueling the hydrogen fuel tanks will take only up to 3 minutes. We don’t yet know the potential range of the H2 Speed Concept Car, but if it exceeds the electric car’s offering AND offers a quicker charge, we may just have seen a glimpse of the true future of automobiles.


Source: Pininfarina


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