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Legendary Design Firm Infuses Its Style Into Formula E Concepts

If you haven’t seen Formula E, do yourself a favor and check this out. It’s literally Formula One but replaced with electric vehicles. The racing is just as intense with a different sound.


The Mahindra Formula One racing team just released three concepts, Concept A, Concept B, and you guessed it, Concept C, to show the potential direction for the Formula E movement. The concepts revolve around radical aerodynamics with large carbon fiber wings and swooping body panels that seems to have been sculpted by computational fluid dynamic analysis.

[ads1]These concepts were dreamed up by the Pininfarina team, the Italian design and engineering firm which as been behind countless Ferraris and Alfa Romeos. They were bought up by the Mahindra Group back in December 2015. Chief Creative Officer of Pininfarina, Fabio Filippini stated:

Formula E is one of the most exciting signs of the changes underway in the automotive world as well as in motor racing. Exercising our creativity on these sketches allowed us to imagine the evolution of this formula.

Dilbagh Gil, the team principal of the Mahindra Formula E group, is focusing on building a foundation ready to look forward into the future of where the motorsport may be going. According to Gil:

The main thing we were looking at was trying to steer the conversation towards getting a car which will still be relevant in 2022, 2023, which is quite some time from now. It needs to be fresh for a long period of time, and that’s essentially the challenge with these designs, while at the same time taking care of safety, taking care of the costs of Formula E, and ensuring it’s future.

These are not something that we have sort of struck out of fantasy. There is a high degree of correlation between what we think technology can give us and what we think we can afford as teams in terms of chassis going forward. You’ve not seen radical ones yet.

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MahindraRacing_Pininfarina_C1 MahindraRacing_Pininfarina_BSource: The Verge


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