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Good News! It’s The New Renault Trezor!

This is no Dacia Sandero, but it is indeed very good news. The new Renault Trezor concept has been revealed at the 2016 Paris Motor Show and it looks downright stunning. The most noticeable feature of the concept is the fighter-jet-esque cockpit door that  swings out of the way.

The pure-electric Grand Tourer is a two-seater concept car that’s been equipped with a 350 horsepower electric motor that’s good enough to launch from 0-62 mph in under four seconds. Just as radical as the styling of the Trezor is Renault’s way of describing it as seen in their press release:

The Trezor features striking red glazing and innovative carbon bodywork with contrasting surface finishes.

Smooth and silken at the front, this bodywork mirrors the car’s dynamic character. At the rear, it features hexagonal panels that underline the Trezor’s sporting temperament and technology.  The metallic finish of the Trezor conveys an image that is both sleek and protective.renault-trezor-2

Its silhouette displays the classic attributes of a GT.

On the bonnet, the honeycomb-form air intake echoes the structure of the rear bodywork. These hexagonal shapes provide a variable-geometry intake, the movement of which embellishes the Trezor with extra dynamism and creates the impression that it is actually breathing.renault-trezor-7renault-trezor-3 renault-trezor-4 renault-trezor-5

On the left-hand side of the body, the fuel filler hatch has been replaced by an analogue gauge that indicates the vehicle’s charge level, drawing on traditional sports car practice.

At the rear, the Trezor is equipped with resolutely modern fibre-optic lighting integrating a red laser. This ‘rope-like’ fibre assembly provides bright, distinctive lighting. Under braking, the torsion and stacking of the optical fibres creates an interesting visual effect and increases the intensity of the light.

Within the Trezor, there is a strong focus on evolving interior design.renault-trezor-6 renault-trezor-8

The style is warm and sensual, with red as the predominant colour. The accent is on driving pleasure and extensive use is made of high-quality materials, including wood and leather. With its blend of craftsmanship, technology and a truly French touch, the cockpit offers a foretaste of the sleeker, increasingly refined interiors of future Renault models, complete with cutting-edge connectivity.

Providing a genuine link between the car’s interior and exterior, the red glazing ensures a bright, warm cabin.

The Trezor’s one-piece clamshell roof lifts much like the lid of a jewellery box to give access to the interior.

Holy crap is that some purple prose. I think I’m ready to make love to the concept! BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!:

Standing just 1,080mm tall, the Trezor invites occupants to straddle the side of its body as they climb in. This style of entry is a throwback to the world of classic racing cars, wherein drivers felt as one with their machines. The sporting and sensual manner of entry is accentuated by the red leather trim for the upper part of the pillar. It looks almost like a saddle, so you might be mounting a steed just as easily as getting into a car. Ingress is facilitated by automatically reclining headrests.renault-trezor-10 renault-trezor-11 renault-trezor-9

The Trezor provides another surprise when you climb in, with a dashboard made from red wood that incorporates a luggage compartment at the front of the vehicle. Made-to-measure cases are held in place by leather straps and remind how travel can be an art form.

The seats’ rounded contours were inspired by the world of furniture design to create a plush, comfortable interior. Upholstered in smooth, deep-red leather, they embody the refinement of luxury goods.

The dashboard is the fruit of a partnership with the French firm KEIM-cycles, which is renowned for its custom wooden, high-performance cycle frames.

Using a high-precision process developed by KEIM-cycles, the dashboard comprises superimposed thin strips of ash. The finished article provides a level of strength comparable with that of modern composite materials and underlines the structural qualities of wood, namely light, strong, organic and warm.

This new concept car, just like many found in the 2016 Paris Motor Show, indicates the many automaker’s dedication not just towards pure electric vehicles but also fully-autonomous driving. The unique feature found on the Trezor is the Fully Autonomous indicator on the exterior of the vehicle.

When the car is in autonomous mode, the exterior lighting signature changes and extends to the lateral and rear logos, to indicate to other road users that driving has been delegated.

We’re not sure what to think about this feature as it might invite some unruly motorists and trolls to challenge the limits of Fully Autonomous cars. However, it might just increase the safety and reliability of these systems as we transition to a progressively autonomous world.renault-trezor-1

(Source: Renault)


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