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Quickest Production Car… In The World

Did you just read that in Jeremy Clarkson‘s voice? Because it would be super appropriate in this case. The Tesla Model S P90D’s ‘Ludicrous Mode’ has been pretty well documented, it can shred things like the Dodge Charger/Challenger Hellcat pretty easily, it can keep up with supercars costing two or three times its price, and it can accomplish those feats as long as you can keep your foot down on the accelerator. No momentum robbing shifting is necessary.

Now the one car that will surely destroy the P90D has just been announced, and to no one’s surprise, that car is from Tesla. The P100D will possess a 100 kWh battery, enabling the Model S to generate a 0-60 mph time of 2.5 seconds! This will certainly strike fear to those that own or just bought a hypercar which can easily cost about 10 times more than the Model S.tesla-model-s-facelift-1 tesla-model-s-facelift-3 tesla-model-s-facelift-2 tesla-model-s-facelift-4

Here’s the press release from Tesla:

The Model S P100D with Ludicrous mode is the third fastest accelerating production car ever produced, with a 0-60 mph time of 2.5* seconds. However, both the LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 Spyder were limited run, million dollar vehicles and cannot be bought new. While those cars are small two seaters with very little luggage space, the pure electric, all-wheel drive Model S P100D has four doors, seats up to 5 adults plus 2 children and has exceptional cargo capacity.

The 100 kWh battery also increases range substantially to an estimated 315 miles on the EPA cycle and 613 km on the EU cycle, making it the first to go beyond 300 miles and the longest range production electric vehicle by far.

The larger battery pack is also available on the Model X, making the world’s quickest SUV even faster. Model X P100D with Ludicrous mode accelerates to 60 mph in 2.9* seconds and travels up to 289 miles EPA estimated and 542 km EU on a single charge. Model X is also a pure electric SUV and can seat up to seven adults.

Model S and Model X are engineered to be the safest cars on the road and to have the highest ratings from NHTSA. Both have access to the Tesla Supercharger network for the freedom to travel long distance for free. And every Tesla will improve over time with free over the air upgrades.

Tesla customers who have ordered a P90D Ludicrous, but not taken delivery, can upgrade to the 100 kWh pack for $10,000. Existing P90D Ludicrous owners can also upgrade to a 100 kWh pack, but for $20,000, as their used 90 kWh pack will have to be recycled.

While the P100D Ludicrous is obviously an expensive vehicle, we want to emphasize that every sale helps pay for the smaller and much more affordable Tesla Model 3 that is in development. Without customers willing to buy the expensive Model S and X, we would be unable to fund the smaller, more affordable Model 3 development.

While we won’t deny the quickness of the Tesla PwhateverD, claiming it to be better than the hybrid hypercars is pretty ludicrous. The singular ‘gear’ of the Tesla that can generate accelerations high enough to compress your eyeballs also mean its top speed is limited to the capability of the electric motor, and based on the P90D it is capable of only a top speed of 155 mph or 250 kph. The Ferrari LaFerrari can reach a top speed of an astounding 220 mph or 350 kph. Regardless of this speed differential the Tesla P100D will dial in at a more reasonable $134,500, giving hypercar owners a cheap daily driver alternative.

Still, an on track comparison with the Holy Trinity is due. What say you Tesla?

(Source: Tesla)


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