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PlayStation’s New VR Headset Is Blowing Everyone’s Mind

If this is what the future of gaming is like, especially for racing games, sign us up.

It’s no secret we here are Shifting Lanes love our racing games. We’ve written about our affection for them multiple times and with different games. Hell we’ve even tried car games that are less about racing and more about the game’s overall feel. Our current favorite is Project Cars and it is an insanely challenging and fun experience. So that makes what I’m about to say that much more impressive.

Drive Club is a game that’s not noted for it’s game play experience, but rather how the game immerses you in the story. Where Project Cars fails, Drive Club succeeds. This is, of course, an incredibly subjective topic and personally, I would choose game play and online experience over a storyline every day of the week, but Drive Club is around for a reason and people like it.

So without even taking all THAT into account, the gents over at PlayStation Access decided to load up Drive Club for a test run. This, however, was no ordinary test run. This was their first ever play on PS4 with the new virtual reality headset PlayStation is about to role out. Take a look for yourself, it’s pretty amazing.

Ummm, yea, I don’t care what game it is anymore. Sign me up. If I can get that level of realism no matter what I’m playing, you can pretty much just resign me to my basement for the rest of my days. Start saving your pennies, though. No price has been announced on Amazon yet, but it looks like you can pre-order it for $500 from Target or between $450 and $500 from other reataliers. With an October 13th release date, you don’t have much time to save.

I’m currently figuring out if I should eat food or buy this. It’s a much more difficult choice than you’d think.

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