How Do You Tune An Electric Car Exactly?

If you order a new Tesla Model S now, you’ll get one that has exchanged its mouth for a bioweapon defense mode, and it looks GORGEOUS. The new design language falls in line with the problematic Model X, and the hotly anticipated $10 billion revenue potential Model 3, where all of them have a Zoolander smoldering Blue Steel look. After seeing this we imagine folks that own an older Model S might have the sinking feeling that they no longer have the latest and greatest thing sitting on their driveway. Well these people don’t have to worry about that anymore thanks to Unplugged Performance.UP_REFRESH_BlueThese guys claim to be the world’s first tuning company that specialize in the Tesla Model S. Which made us question “just how do you tune an electric car exactly?” Would you have to hack the operating system? Do you load up on more battery packs? Do you replace components with lighter weight alternatives? Apparently Unplugged Performance doesn’t seem to do any of those things just yet, but they have come up with a facelift kit for those that own a first generation Tesla Model S (circa 2012-2016) The new facelift kit gives your old Tesla the “He’s so hot right now” look and adds a front chin spoiler that gives it a more distinctive look.UP_REFRESH_silverThe kit costs $3,000, which is a pretty penny considering it’s only a front fascia replacement. The pricing details also suggest you still have to pay for the installation, which may take up to 3 hours by a professional body shop, and that it also won’t come pre-painted. All things considered, it may take an estimated $4,000 to do this full conversion, which may not be a large sum for someone who have spent more than $80,000 for their electric vehicle.

(Source: Unplugged Performance)


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