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The Car You Just Bought Is Old And Slow

Just bought a new Buick Regal GS/Opel Insignia equipped with Apple CarPlay? Or did you just plop money down for a used but still VERY SICK E92 M3? Well, congratulations! you just bought a piece of outdated technology. That THING you’re driving around that guzzles earth blood and spews out intoxicating smoke, is rapidly becoming a THING of the past. Just imagine your future grandkids saying: “Gee Pop-pop, you drove in THAT? Weren’t you scared of it blowing up?”

Or imagine a world where driving a gasoline/diesel engined car is equivalent to smoking. Just imagine the stares and them saying:

  • You know cars with gas engines cause pollution! I don’t want me or anyone I love to be breathing in that second hand smog that you’re spitting out!
  • Gasoline engines are bad, mmmkay? they’re bad!
  • You drive a NON-electric car? That’s INSANE! Don’t you know how bad that is for you?! You’re killing the earth THAT much more man! You know what… I can’t be friends with you anymore… F*#K off man!

If those statements sound crazy to you then you should really get a dose of reality and sober up:

That’s 276,000 preorders for the new Tesla Model 3. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Model 3 is Tesla Motors’ new pure electric vehicle model that can go 0-60 mph in less than six seconds, and has an estimated range of 215 miles on a single charge. It’ll be a smaller version of the Model S, which can go like hell, but still seats five adults and comes with all the whizzbang gadgetry you would expect from the nontraditional car company. What’s most impressive is the starting price tag of $35,000 BEFORE incentives such as tax breaks and rebates. That’s about the price of each of those cars I mentioned up top. 


Each one of those 276,000 preorders represent a person who has deposited $1,000 before even driving the car. This preorder system is essentially a $276,000,000 Kickstarter campaign that Tesla Motors just placed in their coffers. If you calculate the average price of each car sold being roughly $42,000, this gives Tesla Motors a potential of more than $10 BILLION in revenue.


276,000 Tesla Model 3’s is a large number of cars, considering Tesla Motors managed to sell over 25,000 Model S in the 2015 calendar year. That huge jump in car sales will elevate Tesla into the “Holy S#!t, Guys!” threat level to other automotive companies. General Motors is already planning to release the Chevrolet Bolt in the very near future to compete, though their offering will be priced starting at $30,000 after incentives. It won’t be long before other companies follow suit and offer their own pure EV models to stay competitive. The overall effect of massive adoption of electric cars will play a major role in the price of oil and could potentially trigger the next oil crisis itself.



Looking at Tesla’s track record with safety, ludicrous performance, and being several leaps ahead in autonomous driving technology, the idea of driving an electric vehicle can become more and more appealing to the masses. So appealing that the days of internal combustion engines are now numbered. So why don’t you take a look at that new gasoline/diesel engined car that you just bought and think hard about whether you have made the right choice, because the future just said you’ve made a mistake.


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