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Tesla P100D Steps On A Mustang Dyno And Shows Its True Potential

The Tesla P100D with its available “Ludicrous Mode” has been shown, on many occasions, to spank cars in the 0-60 mph race. And they can accomplish this repeatedly, without any fuel, exhaust, or precise gear shifting. Assuming it has a full electric charge, an octogenarian will be capable of going toe-to-toe with a professional driver in a straight line. This DragTimes video just showed how the Tesla P100D can accomplish this by stepping on a Mustang Dyno. The levels of torque it produces explains why it can now have a 2.28 second 0-60 mph performance.

920 lb-ft of torque and 589 hp comes out of the Tesla’s electric motors after the 8th pull. With a full charge and not actually slipping on the dyno, we’d guess that it can actually produce a lot more torque than what was recorded. What’s weird was the quietness of the motors as it produced this earth moving levels of power. The whine was pretty strange, as you would normally expect headache inducing exhaust roars out of normal internal combustion engine cars. Now we want to see what the Rimac Automobili’s Concept_One will do when they step on the same dyno.

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(Source: YouTube)


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