Internet Takes An Accurate Guess At The Next Supra. We’ll Take The Red One

Nameplate revivals can be a tough call for automakers. The business decision to bring a name back suggests the original was great enough to make people want to buy the new one. But high expectations, set by the memories of the classic name, may curse the new car into becoming a shell of its former self. We sincerely hope this doesn’t happen with the upcoming Toyota Supra. With new spy shots and rumors flying around about the Toyota and BMW sports car collaboration, people have put forth their creative talents to take wild guesses as to what the new Supra looks like.

A Pretty Accurate Guess

The folks at the SupraMKV forums just produced something that looks ridiculously close to what the next generation Toyota Supra can be. The renders are based off the spy shots taken when the two door sports car was caught riding around in full camo gear:

Our renderings put sheetmetal on a vehicle that clearly has taken design influence from the Toyota FT-1 concept while greatly modernizing the traditional Supra cues — from the large front air intakes, sleek and menacing headlights to the tapered, angular rear end, this rendition shows an ultra-sporty 2018/2019 Toyota Supra that would leverage the highly popular FT-1 concept in a more production capable package.

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Alternate Front Fascia

The various shots also show the potential variation in color scheme in the front fascia. One donning a sportier blacked out jaw as opposed to the color matched versions. The FT-1 concept, showcased back in the 2014 New York International Auto Show, promised an aggressive sports car that would inject a good dose of excitement into the otherwise bland and boring landscape of Toyota cars. With this latest render we think Toyota is well on its way to producing cars we can fall in love again.

We can expect the real new Toyota Supra to be unveiled later this Fall in the 45th Tokyo Motor Show. This car will certainly shake up the industry when it becomes available. Will companies like Honda respond in kind with their own radical sports car? It’s about time they kick their butt in gear for a proper Japanese Sports Car battle revival!

(Source: SupraMKV)


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