Soon The Nurburgring Will Not Be The Longest Racetrack In The World

Currently, the Nurburgring is the longest racetrack in the world. Some may argue that this title should belong to the Isle of Man TT circuit. While that is longer (12.9 miles for the ‘ring Nordschleife compared to 37.73 for the TT) the Nurburgring is a fully operational racing circuit, home to many racing series stops. Soon thought, the ‘ring will no longer be the longest in the world. That honor will belong to…Las Vegas, Nevada, United States?

You read that correctly ladies and gentlemen. The longest racetrack in the world will be in Las Vegas. Because of course it will be. Given our propensity to make every single thing larger and bigger, and apparently that means better (in this case, hell YES it does), this only makes sense. The track will be at a motosports resort called Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch and it looks like absolute heaven.

John Morris intends to extend the racetrack at Spring Mountain to more than 15 miles. But that’s just to start. Morris is also planning for a 6-mile off-road desert course for trucks and ATVs and a racing track for high performance go-karts as well as a 6,000 foot drag race track that will double as an aircraft landing strip.

In addition, the mogul is building a community of luxury homes, a hotel, restaurants, theaters and car washes, all to provide a friendly haven for racing fans. It’s even a bit futuristic — nearby Lake Spring Mountain features a destination called Jetpack America, which offers travelers and residents a state-of-the-art flying experience featuring the world’s first water jetpacks.

But wait it gets way better. There are hotels on premises so you don’t even have to leave. There are also homes and cars to buy as well. Essentially you can just live at the track and I think I speak for us all when I say, isn’t that what we all want in our lives?

Membership for all this gloriousness? $45,000 large initiation fee with $5,000/year in dues. But if you have the kind of money for this, $50grand probably is tucked under a floor mat anyway.

You can get all the deets on the crazy and awesome venture right here.

(Source: Digital Trends)


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