These Guys Built A Turbo AWD Honda Insight Because Why The Hell Not

“The First ever: LHT K-Sight AWD turbo.” That’s how LHTPerformance describes their project on YouTube. It’s a Honda Insight with a turbocharged K20 motor and a custom AWD drivetrain. It’s the definition of a sleeper.

I don’t exactly mean that as a compliment. It looks dumb. It is an Insight after all. But it makes 500 HP at the crank which is sent to all four wheels. You can’t really argue with that.

LHT has the ultimate package they make for the Insight. They call it the K-sight package. It’s a turn key overhaul of the Honda Insight that starts at $21,995 for a 2WD build. The K-Sight package includes the K20 motor and clutch, hubs, coil over suspension, wheels and tires, header, intake, exhaust, drive axles, and other finishing touches such as a color-matched engine bay. They’ll really put some love into your ugly little Honda.

Of course, there are extras for your K-sight package. AWD running gear from a CR-V. Turbo/supercharger. Center arm rest. I’d spring for that one.

Check out the K-sight in action below. It’s Forza Motorsoport-level ridiculousness.


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