The Volvo 850 Is Virtually Indestructible

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you say “Volvo”? If your first thought was “tough” or “tank” you wouldn’t be alone. Volvo has legendary longevity and their cars are built like brick walls. Volvo is synonymous with safety. It’s almost like saying the same word.

Almost as legendary and well know is the way Volvo goes about crash testing their cars. Here’s an example from Fifth Gear of how Volvo itself tests an XC90 when it runs off road at high speed and hits a ditch.

I think the ditch actually got the worst of that. But the above video is not the reason why I’m writing this. Some of Volvo’s older models are also as stout and, in this instance, maybe even more indestructible. Below is an actual person in an old Volvo 850 crashing more than 30 times into other cars, with the same Volvo mind you, and it just keeps running.

I mean look at that! The damn thing flipped and rolled and it just kept on ticking. What’s even more impressive is the catastrophic damage it was inflicting on the other cars.

After watching this, I’m convinced the 850 might be the best made car of all time. Do you agree?


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