Tesla Recalls 53,000 Vehicles For Parking Brakes That Could Become Stuck

Tesla is a company that needs no introduction. The electric car maker is the darling of the EV industry and Elon Musk is essentially real world Tony Stark. Personally, I’m a fan of the company because of the innovation and drive they seem to possess. I respect Musk for his entrepreneurial spirit and incredible knowledge. Oh and they make a car that can go 0-60 in 2.28 seconds. That ain’t bad.

However, Tesla has been plagued by production issues ranging anywhere from delayed wait times for cars to their gigafactory not being done in time to production quality. That last point has been a particularly bad one for Tesla. The Model X has famously been shown with shoddy craftsmanship, pannel gaps as wide as the Grand Canyon, and the falcon doors being strangely inoperative at times.

Now, Tesla is recalling 53,000 vehicles for parking brakes that, well, might not release at all.

According to Jalopnik:

Tesla announced this morning that it’s issuing a voluntary recall for Model S and Model X SUVs built between February and October 2016 over a potential manufacturing issue. Specifically, it’s related to a gear in electric parking brakes that could’ve been manufactured improperly, and, if that gear breaks, it might prevent the brake from releasing.

The automaker said it doesn’t believe the issue could lead to a safety concern customers, and there hasn’t been any report of an accident or injury related to it. But it’s asking affected customers to bring in their vehicles to have their brakes replaced.

About 2% of vehicles should be effected by the potential sticking, but it’s still worrysome to see from a car maker that prides itself on innovation. Not a good look.

The timeframe for this? Tesla said that October 2017 is the target to have all the parts in. That’s 6 months of waiting. Yikes

Tesla is, for sure, a company that will succeed at that EV car thing, but they still have a long way to go before they are considered mainstream, reliable, and well built.


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