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Dodge SRT Demon Gets Final Teaser. The Torture Almost At An End

The slow drip of Dodge Demon teasers must be the best and the worst reveal in all automotive history. It’s the best because rather than one big stunning announcement, the words Dodge and Demon were on the tip of our tongues for the better part of the past couple of months. In terms of automotive word of mouth, it might be seen as one of the best case studies for future marketing and advertising students. However, it’s also the worst type as every slow release of information became more confusing, while also becoming less and less interesting.

This time the teaser is called “Judgement Day.” It’s an amalgamation of past information from other trailers, showing what the car truly is: a drag specialist. The teaser shows the driver preparing for a night drag race by utilizing his Demon toolbox, unbolting some stuff, and presumably lowering tire pressures from street to drag levels. Then we hear the Demon’s unique drag idling sound, as it uses the torque reserve launch system, right before it’s launched down the straightaway.

The new piece of information seen in this trailer is the drag racing timeslip that you get after a run. Only this time it’s captured with conveniently terrible bokeh effect, blurring out whatever those quarter-mile or eighth-mile results may be. You’ll just have to find out on April 11th when they do a live reveal on their website.

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If you’re not a fan of Dodge’s slow trickle of confusion, you can also catch the Dodge Demon reveal over at our Facebook page, since we’re going to be there! Until then, here’s the last disappointing teaser. The expectations have been set so high, we are prepared to be disappointed come April 11th.

(Source: Dodge)


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