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Ridiculous Car Advertisement Spoof Is The First Automotive Viral Video

The internet didn’t make attention craving human beings act ridiculously, we were always messed up since the beginning of time. This car advertisement satire, probably dated back to the 90’s, is proof that we’ve been acting like idiots for attention well before the existence of YouTube and all of social media.

The commercial spoof makes fun of car dealer advertisements offering low ball and bait-and-switch deals, that are bound to confuse and trick ill-informed consumers. The advertisement is for Big Bill Hell’s car dealership that invites you to find better deals and “shove it up your ugly ass.” Also the home of “Challenge Pissing” where if you can urinate six feet straight up in the air, you get no down payment. This brilliant satire might just be the first automotive viral video. And it probably wasn’t passed through email or shares, rather physical VHS tapes from one real-life friend to the next.

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If you’ve come across funnier advertisement videos, you know what to do!

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