Turbo BRZ Announced for 2017

Chug your monster and get ready for some burnouts. Your dreams have been answered. Celebrate with me world, the BRZ is going turbo. After years of begging, pleaded, and screaming the BRZ will get a healthy dose of boost. Subaru was tired of receiving your angry emails and decided boosting the BRZ was the only way to clear their inbox. So fired up your vapes, bros! The BRZ is finally the car we dreamed of.

Hold on to your snap backs and clutch your Dutch Masters.

Now for the big news, the power! The BRZ will have 300 Miata shredding Horses under the hood. Hold on to your snap backs and clutch your Dutch Masters, it’s gonna be fast. No more getting dusted by V6 Camrys for Subaru’s “Sports car”.

Instead of simply using the same engine from the STI, Subaru’s plan for the past decade, they’ve built a new engine. No more EJ25 from the pre-iPhone era. Subaru took the new FA20F from the WRX but turned up the boost and revised the heads for more power.

With a head design from Cosworth and stronger cylinder sleeves, the new FA20FA can easily handle the extra boost. Redline has been moved up to 8,000rpm keeping the character of the current N/A unit. The use of water injection, like the M4 GTS, allows for a denser charge and more power.

The Cayman has been put on notice.

The power is now sent through a Tremec 6-speed manual box. To keep the BRZWRXSTI light Subaru used the popular carbon fiber wheels from Carbon Revolution in Australia. A carbon fiber hood, trunk, and roof lower the center of gravity even more. The Cayman has been put on notice.

Subaru didn’t stop with drive train improvements. A massive rear spoiler has been added to slow the car down with needless drag and attract more ladies. One large drift cannon exhaust outlet from HKS has been added to annoy your neighbors even in stock form. Finally, yellow fog lights and blue headlights come standard, JDM Bro!

Can you believe we waited over 5 years for Subaru for Subaru to boost the BRZ? They sold this  slow sports car as poised and refined but we knew the truth. It’s slow and over priced. I knew there were enough suckers to buy the Miata but how could we let Subaru get into this game too. Now that the BRZWRXSTI has dropped I’m really not sure what we can collectively complain about, maybe we can get Chevy to build a Camaro we can see out of.


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