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Turbo Slice: When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking, Because Turbo Is Life

How do you turbocharge your cooking? You use a turbo, you dummy! Rob Dahm, lover of rotary things and former Bachelorette contestant, created an infomercial selling the hottest performance upgrade-turned kitchen appliance available today. While we don’t question the slicing ability of Turbo Slice, we do caution everyone feeding carrots and celery stalks into the high spinning compressor wheel.

If the guaranteed engine damage doesn’t sound appealing to you, just wait until you see the convenience of the payment plan and half-day money back guarantee! We tried going to to order, but orders must be flying off the shelf that it broke both the site and the domain.

If you get your hands on one, just remember to please tune and cook safely.

(Source: Rob Dahm)


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