Dodge To Release Dart Hellcat

In an announcement that stunned just about everyone, FCA just confirmed the release of a Dart Hellcat for 2018. The pocket-sized sedan will feature the supercharged 6.2l HEMI SRT V8 motor, along with several other goodies to make it all work in the small package.

Besides the monstrosity of a motor, the Dart Hellcat will be released with a stiffer spring rate to help suspend all the added weight up front. After all, the 6.2l is more than three times the size when it comes to displacement when compared to the standard Dart’s hottest powerplant. To aid in the work of damping, Dodge is making optional Bilstein shocks available. We’d recommend them for track performance.

Also included in the new model are larger  slotted rotors to help stop the little rocket. FCA confirms six-piston Brembo calipers will be the standard equipment, as on the Dart Hellcat’s big brothers. Expect to see optional equipment such as transmission and differential coolers available by late 2018. And, of course, you can get your Dart Hellcat in whatever ridiculous neon color you may like.

Dodge boss Timothy Kuniskis explained that it wasn’t easy to make the project happen. FCA engineers had to figure out how to move the firewall toward the driver and remove safety equipment such as dash airbags to stuff the 6.2l under the hood. These changes to the Dart platform will result in the Hellcat version being street legal in Arizona, Texas, Wyoming, and Connecticut only.

Expect to see the 2018 Dart Hellcat on showroom floors by Q4 2017. MSRP will start at $62,995.

(Source: Narnia)


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